pick your chiropractor blindly

Physical pain can be debilitating. Sharp pain that you don’t understand is really frustrating. This can be quite frightening, making it even more important to know how to avoid more back pains. The advice in this piece can help.
Be mindful of your sleeping position if you’re suffering from back pain issues. Try placing a pillow underneath your shoulders and head. Then roll up some towels and put them under your necks as well as your neck. This makes sure the main curves of the body are stabilized. Your bed must be quite comfortable.
Be sure to get out of your bed the right way. Before getting up, stretch before slowly raising. Next, swing your legs out and to the floor while supporting yourself with your arms. Getting out of bed carefully reduces your chance of hurting your spine.
Your immune system can benefit from chiropractic care. Your nervous system and immune system are affected when your spine is out of alignment. By having your spine aligned, the blood flow to the nervous system increases. In turn the additional blood helps your body to fend off an infection.
Discuss the possibility of frequency discounts with your chiropractor’s office. Chiropractic care often implies a series of office visits. You may even need to visit them multiple times every week for several months. This can really add up over time. Because of this, many offices offer discounts for people making multiple visits. This does a lot to cut costs.
Don’t pick your chiropractor blindly. Most chiropractors want to assist you, but others cannot be trusted. It is a fact that some chiropractors can cause more harm to your body. Always vet any chiropractor you are thinking about using in advance of any visit.
If you are looking for a chiropractor, be sure to check any references thoroughly before you make an appointment. Though most chiropractors really care about your health, some continue treatments past the point of necessity. Whenever possible, look for reviews and get referrals from medical doctors.
The way you sleep is important if you have issues with your back. One good idea would be to get a towel rolled up so you can place it under the neck when it’s bed time. When doing this your head is able to drop down, and a regular pillow actually keeps your head pushed forward.
When carrying a wallet, don’t place it inside your back pocket. Believe it or not, doing that can cause some abnormal lower back strain. This actually puts pressure on your lower back and the nerves that are connected to your colon, reproductive organs, bladder, and back of legs. Try keeping a wallet in your pocket towards the front to keep this from happening.


we are the same

Always ask yourself at night, “I am a kind of person.” A picture of the mind across the screen, some brazenly laughing, some do not bow to the phrase, some confused…… Which one is me.. I don’t actually know.
Our generation is not old, but always want to put the old. Inexplicable sadness, like raising the 45 degree angle to the sad looking at the sky, a pair of vicissitudes of the appearance. Even when hugging together, there will be a sense of loneliness. Before we can say we can laugh, can cry can trouble. A person, we can not even cry the strength can not come out. QQ, micro channel, chat software, such as full of this generation of mobile phone, we gradually discovered, to speak more and more people less and less, soliloquize of people more and more.
I’m one of them.. I was 20 years old, has not been able to take the shot to, ordinary looking, family also is considered as warm, at present in college, the called the pressures of life temporarily still have no pressure on me, but I know he was coming toward me, not quietly, open and aboveboard. No boyfriend, a man. There are a few who can say that the secret of a friend. There is a love idol. This is all I’ve walked for 20 years..0061720102We all say love is like a lost, lost in the grasslands of the deer, has been running, but can not find a way out. We can be confused, we must also be confused, who never said confused, but is acting a bit clumsy liar, deceive us, but cheat not himself. Always want to try to find lost from other people’s way out of the, in the end only to find, those so-called way only to their own, the so-called lost but also themselves to their own. The so-called self-help books, those so-called Chicken Soup for the soul, but someone else’s story, you always only be a passer-by may be aware, but the next to go or you own way, and the only guides is yourself.

We all look forward to the future, but do not know exactly what to do. Is the time to feel oneself is like on the surrounding everything has lost interest in, only can do is tirelessly repeated before the day of life and a month, a year, two years… So, time passed, and we are still in the same place. Occasionally feel tired, want to struggle, but the heat seemed only a maximum of three minutes.
In fact, we are the same, the same as the confused, at a loss. Since you don’t know what to do, then please do a good job now, each a small well, even if it is to get up at six o’clock every day, ten sleep such a trivial matter. Even if it is to read a book before going to bed, or even a few pages. Maybe ten days, perhaps a month, maybe a year or longer, one day you will suddenly find, all your efforts are not in vain, you want, time will back to you.

finally quiet down

Come nearly two years, gradually fell in love with the bloom in the pure clean black on the night of the fireworks.
They are gorgeous as flowers, colorful, accompanied by loud blooming beautiful. One of the people exclaim.
As I met her and him DR REBORN.
I was in junior high school met such a girl, short, fat, inferiority, preference diary. Don’t talk loudly, most of my classmates were regarded as disgusting person. I am also very helpless is divided with her to chair the meeting. Only in the class was her fat hand holding, chubby face two eyes with great care and gratitude of the light, her lips slightly moving, excited whisper to me: Thank you for your willingness to put me as a friend.
I admit that before I also hate her, hate her shiver fat, not revolt and was the other students bullying cowardly. But at that moment, I heard the heart something broken voice, I admit that I was ridiculous.
Later, I will really be a friend with her, but I still don’t like her much, only occasionally to hear her voice. She still hated by many students and even bullying. Once, her textbooks are thrown into the trash. When the class is, her tears in his eyes, eyes red and red, never cry. I am in class went to her desk, she looked up and saw me, then can one class tears brim over with tears. That moment, I shed tears. Before the end of the semester, I got her a note, she has used the pseudonym is above their static Zi Xin. The attached notes. Jing Xin, meditation. Like purple.
I read the last did not know thing, then transferred away have never seen her. Until a few years later from another friend there she heard the news DR REBORN.
The friend said, now she can stick it, or fat, there are 200 pounds, but much taller. Students will discipline inspection department when the minister, good karma to school. There are people who follow her, because she loves red bean bread, boys love letter only asked red bean bread — bread would you like to be my bread with bean paste.
A friend said, I laugh a, finally quiet down, I suddenly remembered her pen name: Jing Zi Xin Xin, static, meditation. Like purple.
At first contact network chat tools, deep sleep of its magic, holding a mobile phone communication with strangers, take the last good and nice false names, others believe firmly, even with my heart.
He is a boy, from the rural areas, home economic condition is very bad. Junior high school did not finish, dropped out. And he knew, he has been working in the first half of the year, as an apprentice at a car wash, salary is little, and seven colleagues in a crowded dormitory.
And I know like Tim light as he lost life, every day I received his story, to be the boss, small to what at noon meal. Say too detailed, tends to stick. I was a character is cold person, and they are not many words, not to mention a have never met a stranger. So, after chatting with him half a month, I simply no longer ignore him.
Once there is no network communication, he will completely disappear in my life.
A long time, I left him. I as an old friend message until after half an year, found that his message. No, is not news.
Just one question: why she ignored me? In fact, I am very grateful…
Thank the ellipsis is after my name, that I think good and nice false name! The message time of a month ago, I will forget him after five months DR REBORN.

Childhood in the field

Summer noon, everyone is taking a nap, do not disturb the. Then at the door under the big tree over the villain dies, above mostly well-known ancient Chinese characters, or the flowers and insects to a class of. White sand soil is not enough, need outside the village pond dug clay, when the pond water big people is absolutely not allow to come, only when the water is low can be first in a sneaky way while playing water, reckon time almost, to dig some clay back, the mud and not soft not hard, use the palm pat delicate smooth, buckle the villain mold, the mold of flowers on the character villain turning moment down, then with great care to take daub, hands, in the sun exposure, most of the results are reproduced well at first daub finally dried all cracking up, therefore, I studied a variety of methods, so far want to also do not have good results Interior decoration.
The sun is not so the sun times, we drill wood stick son, cicadas, cicada shell for. After the sun goes down, we went to touch cicadas cows. The soil loosening traces under the tree, with a hand brush, will reveal a large hole, inside ten to one hidden cicada cattle, later, I gradually according to vertical grain it tail estimate of a so-called dumb and mirror (after the shell on the trees will be called the cicada) to. To later, when it grew dark, cicada bovine unearthed after would quickly find the tree climb, for after the shell into the cicada, we can directly find along the trunk, general elm slants much, poplar is also quite good company set up hk, jujube less. Looking for cicada cattle home is generally in the nets inside, the second day morning, you’re lucky if you saw a cicada, but a lot of times, it couldn’t finish in the house or after removal, or green, not change the outside tree brown, I estimate is indoor air environment is not very good.
Starry summer, in the courtyard after dinner, people have no other things will take us, let us bring home dogs, we are on the way to call a few good friends, cheerful mighty to go outside the village on the edge of the wood, lit a fire, then people into the woods hard kick tree and shook the tree, then the cicada would panic stricken toward the fire, we cheered to pick up on the ground, the dog ran up and down, purrs, so happy, good luck, can pick up less than half barrel, chickens eat tomorrow morning.
The fire went out gradually, the stars also directed we squeeze one’s eyes……
Childhood in the field, we have laughter, I deeply miss.

I blush is blush

The rain is the most warm beauty, I walk behind you, secretly holding your palm shadow, as if for a moment, I feel your heart temperature, than my face but hot I do not know how many times. The memory of all to stay in this moment, the sun into a rainbow, on your shoulders Dr Reborn.
I love secretly want to, buy a packet of chocolate, color cardboard filled with words of love into the packing bag, quietly hide in the corner, watching you inadvertently picked it up, see I small heart hides shallow speak sugared words, then, you don’t be shy, don’t laugh at my clumsiness, that is my only you can think of no awkward way.
You smile, smile; I blush is blush. You are like a gentleman gently kissed my hand, said: my stupid princess.
Back to back, Yu Yin is our shadow, I put a little water up in the sky, I shouted: I want to give you a rainbow, you touch my head, smile bright Dr Reborn.
You always play the guitar to me, we love to have all the year round cotton of tender grass place, short I, stupid looking at beautiful you, from time to time have petals falling in your hair, I smell the smell, delicious, the taste of you. Guitar playing joy song, my hair soft draped over the shoulders, mischievous flush wink at you, you lower the head, black hair covering your eyelashes, just the sun through the leaves, shy of a world of good taste, diffuse.
I love to see you wear glasses, look carefully, some scholars demeanor, I from the window, a bunch of flowers secretly, you looked up, sniffed the smell of flowers, Dr Reborn as if the whole world only you quiet way.

reality is so real

We have no reason to stop the city hustle and bustle. We have no reason for the city’s downtown pay great scourges like cost.
Contact us. In fact, we are between the numerous hills and streams. We no longer contact. But our hearts are in each other can’t imagine Cape horizon.
Too lonely and the rush of the day. Only a one night train roared past have recorded night fleeing famine time table.
A stand. We were forced to get off. We are forced to have a destination. We were forced to sit back to the starting point from the end of. Then try to recall once the seas run dry and the rocks goliath v2.
Long time no write. Final thought oneself already and she separated far far away. A cape. A horizon. More is this tragic moment, the more I want to escape. But more and more want to escape the more go out. At the end of their own and then fell into the whirlpool can not come out.
Find a I also don’t know is all over the country to work. Yeah. I work. I also have their own work. This is I once felt very distant thing. This is I once felt again to twenty years will do. But the reality is so real.
Rushing from a disordered state to jump to another state. Sometimes I don’t know what they are looking for. May also be a long road we will find nothing more than have their own. But we will find it.

Doesn’t even have a formal place to live. Everywhere the night. Like a helpless waif. Carrying those nude old clothes and bare old notebook. Old clothes to never wear. Even if no clothes. The old notebook is not willing to turn. Because I do not have the courage to face their own once the beauty of the oath. For those who have nostalgic clothes I have no feeling, not want to pursue their. Every day wearing the same black. Because to me every day is as like as two peas.
Sitting in the ice cold idle Wanda half half chair. Facing to the gate, the cold wind blowing straight here, suddenly felt cold, so the ass quickly toward the next to the chair behind a pillar IP Networking, the pillar can hope for me to block the long wind.
The long building suddenly feel very empty. Although full of people. Think it big. The building is the same on the sad music. A group of a group of cold flow from my feet silently through the. We each other and didn’t say a word. Going around the man on the chairs, come and go, go again. I have no place to go. So just sit here. Yeah. I will have this time. I know this is my deserve and freedom.
Think back to that can be temporary place to sleep, but just thought of the original keys of the people and not to come back, so even back I will not get in someone’s door. Moreover, I also forgot the way back. So I still don’t go well. In this sad music quietly to route back, and then go to the screening can go back on those in the bus stop. This is the best choice. Is the only choice.
If not met you, I would be where. Yeah. When anyone of us are likely to change the course of your life. We will be happy. We will be happy. We will be sad. We will be sad. We will have a lot of. We will have nothing at all.
I look up. Pass by the black man threw my eyes. Then bored to continue to go forward. I sat still finish the article silently here. Give her the tail. Give yourself the tail. For those or confused or dark empty time tail. We are all vulnerable individual. We can’t afford to do sth over and over again. We are looking forward to some possible good.
Tomorrow. Still can be in winter. I. Will still work here. Then wait for my postgraduate entrance examination scores. Full of hope. Then try to manufacture a new hope. I tried to ignite small hope once. The delicious food. For good health. The gorgeous clothes. I hope we will be here to Enron dull to meet again interior decorator hong kong.

we have so many years

Rhythm of winter in the north is very pressing, cold wind force step by step, at the same time, I can’t help but miss you in the side of the warm.
In space in the mood to write: “dear of, I want to you.” It is not affectedly unconventional. We walk through together so many years, not the family, rather than affection. But isn’t love, more reliable than love service apartment hong kong
Dear, I want to you. March catkin scud, peach apricot blossom, wild pear flower named of snow, the river unlock, clear LieLie. We walked along the river bank, find the most beautiful willow branches. A little cold early spring breeze blowing our reddish face, ding-dong sound of the flowing water for our natural and unrestrained laughter accompaniment. Tilt over the old tree, find new smoke willow branches, young leaves each fold, knelt to plug in a row, even work become sworn. From now on is blood sisters, bitter, tired, want to cry, in a bad mood, literally to find, I give you rely on, I accompany you crazy.
Dear, I want to you. On summer evenings, sunset sunset dripping, heat dissipation, the cover of endorsement, full mountain. Was supposed to be the top of lang lang, disrupted the rhythm was out of tune of song. The night is not thick, night lessons to ring, how lucky, the old class, licentious sandbags to completely dark. Last in the classroom of waste mess fly, screams, wronged died the next day on duty.
Dear, I miss you. Graduation that year, parting is feeling very strong. Last night lessons, none of us said too much, but don’t give up and miss are self-evident. I know, we together so many years of memories will never be stranded, even if we are going to their respective towards the unknown distance, even if we could be a long time will not meet again. In a circle, silent tears for three years to draw on a period hk offshore company.
Dear, I miss you. I think from the snow season that year we go to the sun.
Cold after school, we go to school opposite of beef noodles restaurant, eat a bowl of steaming hot beef noodles. In the season of snow flying, a simple bowl of beef noodles, dispelling cold how comfortable warm and satisfied. Or in three gap leisure weekend, go out for a walk in the street, from the street to the corners, or sprinkle with laughter all the way, or holding hands say nothing, who accompanies. We are really familiar, because we can get used to silence all the way each other will not feel embarrassed. Tired when you go to eat a bowl of ripping up across the old movie theater and film, as you can, where the pull piece is the most delicious county. Remember when we eat noodles, unless very tired don’t want to talk to anyone, or the dinner table is never quiet. I smile to say, if in the ancient French guarded, both of us don’t know how many times have to be cruel punishment served.
Dear, I miss you. Miss the busy nervous days with your company. Want to say thank you to you, is not a stranger, also is not affected, is a deeply rooted in the heart of the natural language of the feelings. Because of you, I don’t have to be a person alone in the face of the table; Because of you, I don’t have to walk the dark all along to the dormitory; Because of you, I don’t have to be lost when a person silently staring blankly. Because of you, I don’t have to be hungry when scattered lazy; Because of you, I don’t have a personal face sometimes bored youth; Because of you burgundy wine, I can now recall the past without so much loss.

the day has gone

People in to a certain age, unavoidably will come from the bottom of give out the most beautiful real, this is nostalgic signs. A nostalgic signs, then with the memories of the ingredients, is not only the memories, is the good things of the past for missing a set off now. A say Virtual Office Hong Kong.
And I want to tell is home to the tower.
Childhood and hometown of the Eiffel Tower is my friends after school village amusement place to play, and also is one of my hours of paradise, is the place of deep in my memory. So home tower has been in my mind, never forget.
Tread home iron stands a small village, in the vast central plains close to the location of the east village. Since I can remember, the tall tower stands in the trees, farmers in the central. From a distance, become to the highest point of the village.
The tower of about 30 meters high. Carries around 12 points, the top “of the qing dynasty minister hat” tower crown. During the day time, under the blue sky white clouds of the sky looked from a distance, is very good-looking.
When I was a child has been to the school, with friends to come to this place, play hide and seek, when the war. Still can make a slide down the shifting sand ditch. These are not fun. The most good is climb the tower. At the beginning of the climb to the top of the tower, my heart is very timid. More than 30 meters high tower for at that time, I as a child, mo is a kind of try and challenge, and have been thinking of a fly. Seeing other friends down the iron ladders like a caterpillar like a bow a stretch of body up, and the tread is the momentum to climb to the top, on the top of the tower with the foot stamping iron plate of “MAO MAO”, patches of tremor and scream, as if is in showing off the exhilaration of victory. I also not to be outdone, also thinking about tread can climb to the top, the beauty of a view at the top. Then, under my determination to thought, also learn to brave friends a lean body inclined carefully climb, hand grasp each ladder pole, climb a half bifurcation, tired is at ease, at this point it is best not to look down, so that the visual effects cause heart palpitations. Everything comes to him who waits, nu skin
when I climbed to the top of the tower, looking around, the whole village looks are present in front of my eyes, gazing far, village farmland trees are visible. Is “absolutely be ling, see the mountains small feeling of endless wide.
The outstanding characteristic of the tower is stamped on the iron plate in the middle of the bump a big iron rod connections of three stools, wooden stool surface, high stool for about one meter eight, one adult high head, at that time we are small and didn’t do so on the tall stool, also just regret until now. Also don’t know how tall stool is purpose, this is not a historical tower, a long period of time, listen to the older generation, is the war of resistance in the gazebo. Has heard that was built after the founding of new China set, also heard that… For tower hazy veil is controversial. Later, according to my grandpa was built after the new China tower, as for the purpose of the tower is what to do, why the Eiffel Tower built in his hometown village, without built in other villages, grandpa is ambiguous, so a solution is known for the Eiffel Tower. Become a solution doesn’t open the mystery of my heart.
The bottom of the tower is a mountain of big Huang Tugang, four feet of the tower is firmly in the deep in the earth hummock. With great pleasure is enclosed in the middle of the bottom four feet on the ground has a square cement concrete surface. Plane in the middle of the bump the size of a red jujube like a knot in one’s heart of gold, listening to people talk village tower in the town of, belongs to the rare, didn’t it, the tower will fall. The rumor is kind of scary, but it didn’t some partners heart of secular pressure. Repeatedly damaged, with sawtooth pulled back, with a hammer, a variety of methods used, all red like the size of the golden bumps were sacked. The tower remains firmly standing. Only slightly in the heart of my childhood to the imperfect of the tower.
The Eiffel Tower is the most dazzling costumes, in the village is also a symbol of pride to village. The joys of childhood time will get inside. Time several times during the spring and autumn, the personnel vagaries, tower several damage, just a few degrees apart, winding, the day has gone. After I go to where to return to the Eiffel Tower, the former time has now turned into a flattened. Sense of windy and rainy in my heart ultra former hifu .
Today I went back to his hometown, eyes never see a tall tower stands in front of, also can’t see the children playing. Left is the bottom of the heart of sad and sorry. Tower take away the trail of the childhood paradise, take away the childhood dream, but not to my memory of the tower. Indifference when looking back on the past, back to hometown tower and tower, her hometown physical came just as the horizon the clouds clear and rushing me, telling the past.DR REBORN

wonderful moment

On Sunday morning, finally came to the famous already a long time alone electric romantic coast organizations. Facing the stranger in the sea, and my heart there is a little joy. Soon, I noticed the front have a long pier, from the beach into the water, close to the tall black rocks. I standing on the soft sand without hesitation before came to the pier regorafenib.
At this point, the wind is very big, I a few steps up the pier, the horizons sprung wide many went. The wave of the sea surge, bad ruthlessly hit in the black rock, the splash of white, the sound was deafening. When the tide goes out, the rock is back above his head, mottled, rough and hard black skin. I want to go forward, but one step, at the foot of the pier immediately “noting, noting” ground rang again see a rough sea, was a little nervous. Hesitated a moment, I finally overcome his timidity, gently forward. Ahead of a reef is very tall, formed a black hills, more than 20 young men with various picture on a reef. The reef is very steep, here are the sea water is urgent, don’t know what they are, I really envy them, but I don’t have the courage and ability. After a while, they sang together before, loud voice, seems to be to the waves, and to encourage the reef. A moment, my eyes moist, this is belong to the young talent some youthful vitality, can bring people great encouragement. This reminds me of cao cao “view of the sea” : the east tateishi, in view of the sea. What water DanDan, has not respected; sceneries in the island Foothills of forested, grass bouquet; Autumn, keso surges; The trip to the moon and sun, if out of; Walking, if its. ‘to zai, song in singing School staff figures
I do not know when, the singing stopped, I dream of, and walked on. Go to the end of the pier, see dozens of large and small fishing boat fishing in the sea. Facing the vast sea, the tiny boat look how small, the fishermen in a turbulent sea sun, how hard ah! Looked down and there is a small sea rocks crabs, black shell in the sun shining black gloss, it carefully on the slippery rocks, calling a big wave, crab suddenly disappeared, is certainly was washed away by the torrent. Hard life, compared with the animals, I don’t like living in heaven? I can’t help for this little beings awe gear motor.
At noon, after lunch in seafood city, just want to leave, there are two male and one female of the band to perform. Melodious guitar sound and melancholy voice perfectly blend together, is infatuated, the bright red azalea and the fine sand in the distance to each other, more distant is a rough sea and blackish green forest belt, it’s all so coordination to appear at the same time. For an instant, I revel in the eyes of a better, long back but to god.
I think, after many years, I am sure I will remember this winter season sunny beach, remember black rocks and veterans to sing to the sea, and fantastic songs, DR REBORN was red flowers and green trees in the wind…

Decade. Memory is a kind of bitter

Ten years ago, we are friends, also can salute, ten years later, we can’t greetings, we are still friends.

Ten years ago in late autumn, the weather in gaochun also is not very cold, middle school’s gala held under the new President humanistic ideal of freedom, suddenly clean moved the stool to find position of students on the playground. Team she wears a pink coat sitting among the students of class 2, watching her I mixed raised eyebrows in class 3, class a long distance for a whole autumn, my eyes with her without him at that time.

Eleven years ago, we had the influx of chun hui high school, he is from the dam, she is DongBa, my deskmate is smile happily of say: I’m from cao tang, and you? I said, she shows disdain for brick wall, look, I didn’t know how long after DongBa beauties brick wall of the rascal, of course I’m not.

That year, he and I are brief roommates, a month later, in order to be able to set his mind at to learning I moved to w, day in, either under the self-study at night and the class teacher Mrs (he was) in the bamboo garden the same way, either and Shi Lijuan, history is a few months later his girlfriend in love (secretly), he began to live in her home outside house a nonresident student days, company is also occasionally on-off, hiring some people in the world close to but not likable, I belong to the latter obviously.

That year the building three classroom haven’t classes, he and I are in the lunch time will quietly climbed up lying on the nest, he listen to my nonsense was 17 years old dream, smiling her cute smile then glass teapot infuser.

That year, egged on by his vociferous I spent $3 in the school supermarket bought a neck for her, all sorts of her happy to wear for a long time, in front of her roommates it became an honor, and then the feelings of the cheap just a temporary impulse to don’t even need a heart, of course, vulnerable to need only a class time……… . He took the lead in the class night lessons noise: juan-juan zhao, XXX like you…… It was I and macro fai’s clear a memory.

(last year in their hometown to find information, accidentally turned over to a group photo of the two of us, conveniently and don’t know on which side, have never thought this is farewell… later.)

Divide into classes a year later, he chose a thing, she was writing, I have a table to her: I chose science, you also choose me. She stopped a pen, smiled said: why did you choose science department, I will choose liberal arts…………… .

The next two years, review each other are all busy, have a class, do the examination paper, missing a lot of people, hsiang-ju Chen and his brother back to Taipei, don’t know to what class, and she saw I sometimes pass from our class door is also become strangers. In class 3, li qingzhao composition written specification, dongsheng the writings in classical style according to the score, my affair only short a few words of horizontal batch, Chinese representative in terms of the title and I can only to shame latest news on tourism………………… ..

Said in 2014, the flat on the Q macro hui went out of the car accident, my female classmate zhu also have an accident, the macro fai children born this year, news from his wife’s mouth is also a kind of torture for her.

Because they are only 27 years old this year.

The deceased have yi, for those of us with gou, 10 years of memories, that is a kind of suffering reenex facial